DAHAI ELECTRIC VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED Mainly engaged in the electric bicycle and moped retail and rental business, integrating product R & D, operation and promotion, and providing an intelligent software and hardware service platform for pile free motorcycles to solve the problem of travel in the last three kilometers for citizens.

Help entrepreneurs, corporations, and universities launch their own micro-mobility operations. No matter the size or location of your scooter fleet, our mission is to make shared micro-mobility simpler and more accessible to all.

Our comprehensive, ready-made scooter rental management solution and industry-leading scooters are explicitly designed to meet your unique demands. With teams in Europe, the United States, and Asia, we stand ready to help you launch your own shared fleet, just as we did with the industry’s pioneers.

We provide a turnkey, ready-made solution to launch and manage your scooter sharing business simple than ever.



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